Leaf Lamp - Pendant

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"I live in the hills outside Adelaide and there are lots of trees" says designer Peter Schumacher. "I was amazed how a large bunch of leaves and twigs compacts down to a small amount of material. I became interested in growth patterns and how forms in nature arise from simple rules to create complexity and volume"

Peter‘s Leaf Lamp is a darling design sure to add a bit of charm to any interior space. The lamp features branches and a tree trunk constructed from sustainably sourced birch, and its shade is made from a lush array of unbleached starched wool leaves. A warm-toned LED bulb shines through the foliage, providing a soft and inviting glow

Dimensions: Small 80 cm diam. / Big 130 cm diam.

Made in Sweden by Green Furniture Concept - designer Peter Schumacher

Also available in other colors.

Perfect commercial spaces like restaurants, hotels, shopping malls. Excellent sound absorber and naturally fire retardant.

For commercial spaces please send your enquiry to alessia@e-side.co.uk

WATCH THE VIDEO - Leaf Lamp in Flame



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