Wooden Sunglasses by Proof18/06/2013

American brand Proof is now available at E-Side. 

The roots of Proof begin with the founders’ Grandpa Bud. He opened his small sawmill almost 60 years ago. Despite setbacks, Bud’s small business was able to prosper with a lot of hard work and tenacity; he eventually grew that small sawmill into a nationally recognized company. Bud’s work ethic was instilled in Proof’s founders. The three brothers grew up with “sawdust in their veins” working with wood in the mill. They pride themselves on providing original products that are handcrafted from sustainable materials. 

Proof Wooden Sunglasses

E-Side, Uk Retailer of Proof Wooden Sunglasses, has selected two classic shaped frames Bud Bamboo with Polarized lenses and Bud Ebony with Gold lenses. 

Proof wooden sunglasses are a great unusual, unique gift for men and women.

Proof not only does good for your eyes and our Earth. Recently Proof were able to reach a longtime goal to break ground on the first Proof Eyewear Eye Clinic in  a rural underserved area of India. With the help of each of their customers they have been able to raise $25,000.  Proof are working with Aravind Eye Care Systems to bring this to the people of India.  They are very appreciative of the support they’ve received and hope this continued support can help more people across the world.  


Proof Wooden Sunglasses


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