Top Eco Trend: Leaf Lamp01/12/2010

Our much loved Leaf Lamp has been selected by Trend Hunter to incarnate one of the TOP 50 ECO TRENDS IN NOVEMBER 2010: Foliage Lighting

Trend Hunter is the world's largest, most popular collection of cutting edge trends, attracting more than 346,000,000 total views. There is a section on Eco which we like to look at to keep us up to date and the other day we were really excited to see Peter Schumacher`s Leaf Lamp.

 We included Leaf Lamp in our e-side collection for different reasons. First of all we love to bring nature inside our homes and the tree shape creates such a relaxing atmosphere. The birch used for the trunk and branches is coming from a sustainable source and everything joins without glue, so no toxic chemicals. The leaves consist of thin unbleached and starched wool felt which are sound absorbing and when the LEDs are on, a warm light comes through. 

Leaf Lamp has also been used in commercial spaces. A giant Leaf Lamp of 3 meters diameter was installed last month in a shopping mall in Lund, Sweden (see image below).

While if you are going up north to meet Santa, until January you will find Leaf Lamp at the Väner Museum in Lidköping, Sweden within its exhibition “In Green Form” which features art glass, fashion, furniture and lighting – all from a sustainable perspective (see image below). The ambition is to combine design and sustainable development, an exciting combination.