I have never been so enthusiast for a company and when I finally met Olivia, a few weeks ago in Paris at Playtime, I had another confirmation that you are always right when you follow your gut feelings. Olivia, co-founder with husband Freddy, of Smiling Planet is aOlivia at Playtime wonderful person with an amazing upbringing.

Olivia grew up in France in Limoges – famous French-town for fine porcelain – her father working in the pottery industry. She left France fed up with everything and everybody, especially plates and bowls. She flew to America and got a job in the film industry. Then one day, long time after, she woke up and said “I want to make plates and bowls for my kids”. Everyone back in France was shocked, in a positive and hilarious way of course!

And now Olivia and her artist husband Freddy are creating the most amazing collection  of plates and bowls.  The material they have chosen is recycled and BPA free plastic. Locally produced in L.A., the collection is an inspirational voyage into a world of dreams, peace, love, diversity. A world inhabited of mermaids, elephants bringing you flowers, crocodile doing yoga, flying fairies, dancing dragons.

Plates and Bowls


Beside the collection of plates and bowls you will find soon another dreamy creation: a COLOURING BOOK. They say "It’s for children" but I have one copy here on my office desk and I am still not sure about giving it to my 18 months son: I cannot stop going through it and SMILE!


You can PRE-ORDER NOW your “Everyone dreams of peace..” colouring book which will be available beginning of March. Retail price £ 18.00 (well worthy for a 64 pages book that makes everyone smiling).

Colouring book