Smarten Up Your Spring Look!08/04/2015

If you are looking to spruce up your spring and summer look, we have some new gorgeous fashion accessories for you.

Woody wearables

Fashion accessories are always the icing on every outfit you create. From sunglasses to watches, these accessories offer the best opportunity to enhance your look as well as providing individual functionality, like coping with the bright sunlight associated with the summer. Of course, normal sunglasses will do if you are just looking to block out the harsh sunlight, but why not take it a step further and get conversation-starting accessories?

Stylish Design

Stand out from the crowd! Our WeWood wooden rustic timepieces feature an attractive wood grain pattern. While our Eyewear boast original cotton fiber beauty, making them stand out from all other alternatives. You can be sure that these fashionable accessories get everyone talking about you everywhere you go

Eco-Friendly Design

 WeWood watches and sunglasses are made from sustainable natural materials. These are by far the most eco-friendly accessories you can find today. The watches are made from reclaimed wood, which is an effective way of preserving natural resources as no trees have to be harvested to craft these artistic accessories.
Cotton fiber is a high-quality material, which offers reliable service over an extended period, even with regular use. The sunglasses are known to be very strong, and most importantly durable, offering you value for your money. As for WeWOOD watches, all internal mechanisms are Miyota movements for the best time-keeping properties and durability, all combined with the comfort and appeal of a wooden case and straps.

Gorgeous Spring countryside look to copy for model Sheridyn Fisher wearing the Alpha Watch in Beige, £83.00.

Lyra Sunglasses for Women in Oak, £ 89.00 also available in Black

Crater Polarized Sunglasses in Brown, For Him, £ 89.00, also available in Black