Our Team Top Picks15/12/2016

We`re celebrating the end of 2016 with our favourite products of the year. 

concrete desk set

"I like the smoothness of the bold concrete and I am forever seeking ways for a tidy and
organised desk." Alessia, Founder 

Concrete Desk Set, £50.00

llama jewellery box

"I love the Llama jewellery box. I like its natural beauty. A gorgeous ornament that would sit beautifully
on a dressing table but has a special secret little box." Mirella, Shop Manager

Llama Jewellery Box, £36.50


zebrano wewood wooden watch

"I like the Zebrano wooden watch. The gold detail gives the watch a classic look while the wood
adds a touch of distinction." Claudio, IT 

Zebrano Watch, £105.00


We`d like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy, peaceful, and joyful holiday. From all of us, thank
you for the wonderful year and look forward to seeing you in our shop