Me & My Dolls: Fair Trade Dolls Launched on E-Side23/10/2013

The award winning dolls, conceived by German designer Alexa Lixfeld, were inspired following a working visit to the Sri Lankan city of Kurunegala. Here, the local community’s desire to build a new school that would be accessible to all and less fortunate children was made apparent, and thus a charitable project driven by the children themselves to make this dream a reality was soon borne.

Lixfeld briefed the local school kids to draw their favourite characters; six of the most creative and visually striking designs were then selected for unaltered production into soft doll form, to be created and hand sewn by the women of the local community. 

Children Drawing for Me and My Doll Collection Fair Trade dolls

The dolls are faithful reproductions of the original drawings, each with their own aesthetic idiosyncrasies perfectly preserved – from six fingers on a hand to dental braces (only a drawn gun has been removed in one of the final designs). The hand woven, 100% cotton fabric used for the dolls have been hand dyed using only certified non-toxic dyes before individually hand sewn in Kurunegala.

The six dolls that comprise the Me And My Doll collection retain the names originally bequeathed to them by their young creators: introducing A Doll, Ikesh, Sabana, Pasan, Imesha and Hansitha.

fair trade doll from me and my doll collection

This unique project is also supported by the Selyn Socio-Economic Development Foundation of Sri Lanka, which ensures sound working conditions are maintained during and beyond the production of these dolls and that 50% of the sales revenue are directed back to the community to finance infrastructural development including the new school building scheme. 


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