Lost Property of London: Found it!20/05/2011

"There is a wonderfully charming eco bag by Lost Property of London..." quoted The Financial Times - How To Spend It magazine. And there is a charming UK young designer who makes it: Katy Bell.

Katy – aka Lost Property of London - was spotted by Liberty during the Best of British Designers event and her idea of using remnant of Liberty Art Fabric to create fashionable handbags was an immediate success. Her line of urban-chic and eco-cool handbags are now getting noticed around the globe.

As soon as I spotted Katy handbags, I wanted to know a bit more. So on a sunny day in April I met Katy at her studio in North London. The setting was wonderful: a stylish restored building, I later discovered it was the Pink Floyd recording studio. I do not know what I was expecting but when I met Katy I was surprised by her fascinating simplicity and her ambition. She had lovely showcased her full collection on a garden table in the patio. I felt like a child in a candy shop, all those handbags and my immediate reaction was to touch them, wear them, try them!

The fabrics come from coffee sacks and vintage leather bomber jackets. The jute is very strong and yet soft. The industrial look of the coffee sack is enriched and embellished by the soft grain leather. The handbags are all made in UK by local artisans and those with a discerning eye for quality and style will notice and appreciate the hand-made techniques and the natural finishes.

I think Lost Property of London handbags are unique and surprising pieces. We all love the Mini Miles weekender bag – perfect for a stylish and sporty person. We like the Belmont eco messenger which will be the perfect office bag transporting your laptop, notebooks and magazines. While the Roxwell tote is big enough to use it for packing up all you need for a day out.

In making the most of fabric around us, Lost Property of London extends the life’s expectancy of one’s old tat by creating very desirable and fashionable handbags for a sustainable world. 

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