London Design Festival20/08/2011

e-side, partner of the London Design Festival and in collaboration with Italian artist Linda Schailon, is delighted to be organising and presenting next 24th and 25th September at the HUB Kings Cross, the first International edition of Ecopink.

Ecopink is an exhibition+shop focussing on and featuring the creativity of women. Ecopink  takes an ethical-ecological approach - using the alchemy of art and design to transform base ‘waste’ into gold ‘desirable’.

This is a natural progression for those to whom creativiEcopink Selected Artiststy is a continuation of nurturing and reclamation; something many women have always done instinctively.

e-side and Italian artist Linda Schailon have selected twenty International women artists and designers. All angles and aspects of women’s creativity and design expertise is explored and exhibited – jewellery; furniture; fashion elements; installations and accessories.

The exhibition showcases women able to contribute and demonstrate innovative and fascinatingly different perspectives to the design world. Their work offers  alternative, creative value to material which previously held none. Industrial waste, factory off-cuts, everyday materials, in the hands of the ‘pinks’ gain new and surprising identities as  items to be cherished and used.

The selected artists are: Alessandra Fiordaliso - Caterina Crepax - CeeBee - Claudia Mazzitelli - Clelia Martino - Cristina Toma - Cynthia Korzekwa - Dalaleo - Ester Motta - E-vasiva - Hannah Ricci - Maria Westerberg - Miciovinicio - Monica Auriemma - Nicoletta Cicalò - Renfang Hu - Riciclart-I’ - Roberta Amurri - Sabrina Locatelli - Silvia Beccaria.

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