How about a life-changing gift this Mother`s day?10/03/2011

How about sending a life-changing gift this Mother's day? A gift which will help some of the poorest mothers across the Bangladesh to lift their children out of poverty. This gift can be personally dedicated to your own Mum ( or even a friend ) as a special gift this Mother's day.

You will receive a beautiful card sharing the difference your support has made- bringing hope and dignity to mothers and children in desperate need. A unique way to recognise how much your own mum means to you.

In poor villages and slums the voices of mothers are often silenced, their potential overlooked and their needs forgotten. Yet they hold the hope for their children’s future. Empowering mothers is key to promoting health, education and prosperity- a key to ending poverty. Mothers make the difference. This is why their life-changing gifts are enabling disadvantaged mums to discover their potential. By giving family health lessons, antenatal care or vocational skills training you can help a mum to protect and provide for her children.

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