How To Be Green And Stay Sane11/06/2012

Sunday Telegraph journalist Sarah Lonsdale interviews our designer Peter Schumacher - creator of the Leaf Lamp - for her column How To Be Green And Stay Sane.























Peter Schumacher, a design lecturer at the University of South Australia, creates lamp shades inspired by trees. The lamp`s "leaves" are made from unbleached wool felt and allow light to dapple through, turning living spaces into a forest floor.

"I live in the hills outside Adelaide and there are lots of trees" says Peter. "I was amazed how a large bunch of leaves and twigs compacts down to a small amount of material. I became interested in growth patterns and how forms in nature arise from simple rules to create complexity and volume"

These observations gave rise to two ideas for the lamp design: that it is possible to create a large volume from a small amount of material to make for efficient flat packing, and natural texture can be created from a small number of simple, repeated parts.

"To make the lamp there is one trunk, five identical branches, 25 identical smaller branches and 125 identical twigs. There are only three parts repeated to make the final structure, however the result has irregular natural appearance and texture".>


Extract from Sunday Telegraph - 10th June 2012 


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