Handmade Little Wonders30/07/2011

I am the sort of girl who notice and love tiny, small things and could not resist to the work of American based designer Sarah Neuburger.

Sarah lives in Atlanta, Georgia and runs a cottage industry creating delightful, eccentric wooden wonders, all handmade, all coming out from her unique imagination and belief that tiny and small things can make big, giant things happen.

I fell in love with "The Super Star Stamp Necklace", a fantastic wooden doll who hides an original star stamp. It`s meant for little girls from 4 years old but ...I got one for me and wear it proudly. I love to wear just one striking accessory who completely uplift even a "normal" outfit and the Super Star necklace does the job perfectly. 

For some quality time with your child, the "Tell Me A Story" set is a great family game which encourages imagination, writing and telling stories. 

To play, roll the dice which feature images of objects, people or settings and create a story based on those images. This set was developed with the help of the designer mother who has more than 25 years of elementary teaching experience. Whether they write down the stories, or you write them down, you all can enjoy reading them over and over again!

Both these little wooden wonders are definitely "Fatti con amore" - made with love.