Green Award 2011: T-shirt Chair15/02/2011

...and the winner for the 2011 Green Furniture Award organized by our friend Johan Berhin in Sweden, is: The T-shirt Chair, designed by Maria Westerberg, Sverige.


T-shirt ChairThe T-shirt Chair weaves together a meaningful stories using worn textiles. This up-scaling of the classical 'rag rug' becomes a unique way of upholstering - T-shirts from friends together with other textiles such as grandma's curtains, the favourite but now worn out jeans etc, melt together visually to form a colourful symphony of one's personal history.


 Something about the designer: Maria Westerberg graduated 2008 from Konstfacks Interior Architecture and furniture design. Since then she has made a Recycle interior collection for Indiska, made conceptual installations in fridges for a landscape architect office in Berlin and now exibit in Greenhouse 2011 at Stockholm Furniture Fair with her expressive and playful design. Significant for her work is organic shapes, using materials in a new context and often very colourful. 


People who gave their t-shirts

e-side likes the T-shirt chair because is another product with a great story behind - actually 40 stories. See the people who gave their t-shirt.  

I personally have lots of clothes I am not wearing any more but not throwing away for sentimental reasons. So this could be an interesting way to de-clutter.


Karin t-shirt storyThe T-shirt chair will fit well in a modern decor. If you have an all-white interior, the T-shirt chair will add just the right dash of colours to live-up your place. It will be definately a focus point and you could start talking about your precious pair of jeans or t-shirt.