Gorgeous Kids Bedroom 24/04/2014

This is the story of a girl and a little boy sharing their bedroom in a North London house. pink or blue, blue or pink, let`s have sand! 

The Perludi Amber in the Sky is a gorgeous clever design bunk bed ideal for siblings sharing a bedroom as well as an extra bed for sleepover and guests.

When not in use the lower bunk can be used as a play area or den.  

Standing at only 135cm, Amber in the Sky is lower than usual loft or bunk beds so children can easily climb up the in-built ladder and their parents can easily read to their kids or kiss them goodnight on the upper bunk. 

The neutral greyish tone of Sand is a soothing modern and on trend shade which sets well against the dark wooden floor. The soft, fleecy Loden fabric - innovatively laminated on the birchwood - adds a luxurious cosy finish.

Image was kindly shared by one of our fantastic customer.

Amber in the Sky by Perludi is available in Sand, Orange and Gray. For more information click here

Perludi amber in the sky bunk bed