Give hemp a chance!17/03/2011

Kyssen beanbag

Nowadays you hear a lot about bamboo as the most eco-friendly fabric, extremely soft and with a sheen effect like silk, anti-bacterial, absorbent, biodegradable.

But what about hemp?

Hemp grows almost anywhere and requires no pesticides because it is unpalatable to insects, nor herbicides because it grows too quickly for any weed to compete. The fibres are long and very strong, making the most beautiful fabric.

People have been using hemp to make textile and paper for some 6000 years all over the world. The American Declaration of Independence 200 years ago was signed on paper made from hemp. Columbus sailed to the “New World” in ships draped with hemp sail and rigged with hemp rope. The original Levi jeans were made with hemp fabric.

Hemp is the material chosen by our Swedish designer Johanna Hansson to create the Kyssen and Gecco beanbags, a classy, sustainable beanbag to fit a grown-up living room.

Gecco beanbagWhile most of the beanbags on the market today are made out of synthetic and plastic materials, something that gives them a synthetic feeling with static electricity, the Kyssen and Gecco beanbags are made out of the most luxurious and soft hemp.

“I had an image in mind about a miller, taking a nap on his flour sacks inside his mill. Flour and coffee sacks often have genuine, characteristic prints, something that I wanted to seize on in our prints”, says Johanna Hansson, designer of the collection. Johanna continues “I wanted to make a sack that is beautiful enough to fit in the living room. I decided to use prints from Swedish designers [AnnSofie Lennstrand Hallberg for the Gecco / Carina Niber for the Kyssen]”.

A beanbag like this is nice to sit on, it conforms to your body shape and it lets you sit in many different ways – rule 1A in ergonomics!

So what are you waiting for? Relax on this classy, natural beanbags. You will not be disappointed!

You can buy some hemp fabric and make your own cushions, curtains at which carries a huge selection. Have a look at the resource page to discover how hemp is used in different sectors like building, food, paper, etc.