Do you know Play-doh ingredients?25/01/2011

The other day I went to a local playgroup and the lovely organizers have set up a table with some play-doh, so I thought it was a good idea to ask a few mums if they knew what their toddlers were playing with. 

As I am Italian, they thought I had never seen modelling clay for children…oh no even in Italy we have it. Pongo is the Italian word, I said, yes, like the dog in the 101 Dalmatians cartoon.

By the way, do you know play-doh ingredients? Let me tell you: water, a starch-based binder, a retrogradation inhibitor, salt, lubricant, surfactant, preservative, hardener, humectant, fragrance, and colour. A petroleum additive gives the compound a smooth feel, and borax prevents mold from developing.

This is what Hasbro (producer of play-doh) has declared in the 2004 patent, according to Wikipedia.

On the packaging the manufacturer has unfortunately forgotten to mention a few ingredients so the label reads only: wheat flour, water, salt. 

I don’t know you but since I had my child 18 months ago, I want to know more about everything really, especially what my toddler is eating, touching, playing with.

So if you want a natural alternative to the nasty petroleum-based play-dough, I suggest you to make your own modelling clay. Here a really good recipe

If you do not have the time, try Mama K aromatic modelling clay. We have chosen it because it’s all natural, gluten-free and the gorgeous aromatherapy oils are sure to cool emotions down on grumpy afternoons.

Mama K ingredients include certified gluten free flour, kosher salt (table salt without additives), extra virgin olive oil, natural vegetal colours and organic essential oils. No synthetics, no artificial dyes, nothing but natural.

You can have a single pot (I have a pot of Sweet Orange on my desk at the office) or you can choose the all lot of 5 scents coming in a reusable cardboard tube: to soothe (lavender), uplift (sweet orange), ease the anxious (bergamot), inspire (lemongrass), and balance (geranium).

Because Mama K`s Aromatic Play Clay is 100% gluten-free, this means that it’s good for children with wheat allergy. It’s great for those with Celiac or Autism Spectrum disorders too. In fact some research has shown that using essential oils can be an effective and valuable part of the daily routine for people with autism. The aromas from Therapeutic Essential Oils have a powerful ability to stimulate the brain, since the sense of smell is tied directly to the mind's emotional and hormonal centres.

So whether you're looking for that perfect gift for the little ones, or you want a natural way to relieve tension at the office, Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay is a welcome solution.

Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay is handmade. It’s produced in small batches in Seattle, Washington (U.S.A.). It conforms with EU Standards regulations. CE approved.

Single pot £ 3.00 – Tube of 5 pots £ 18.50 - in the Gifts and Kids Play categories