Discover White Charcoal30/09/2011

Louise Vilsgaard and Pernille Lembke are two Danish friends who one day in the streets of Kyoto they came across a mysterious product: White Charcoal. So enthusiasts about its glorious benefits, they decided to bring to Europe the ancient Asian traditions and after lots of developments and testings they created their brand Sort of Coal.  

White Charcoal is made from just what you think it might be; wood, and yet is unlike regular charcoal in just about every other way. As tradition dictates, the best quality branches are individually selected from slow growing, hard wood trees in the mountain forests of Japan and Korea. These forests are maintained by craftsmen who harvest from them in such a way that new branches are encouraged to grow. These new branches adsorb higher levels of CO2 than their predecessors, giving greater benefit to the surrounding environment and providing a plentiful harvest for the craftsmen. Different types of wood are chosen for different jobs; Binchotan is made from hard Japanese Holm oak whilst Hakutan pieces are Korean oak. Bamboo is used too. The natural minerals that the trees adsorb as they grow are trapped inside the White Charcoal when it is made and later released into drinking water, the air or skin.

White Charcoal is an incredibly hard-working natural material with a truly superb capacity to purify. In water it draws away impurities, adds nutrients and leaves it better tasting. It efficiently cleanses the air, body and skin too. The making process of our White Charcoal is based on a cradle-to-cradle principle, meaning that a neat natural cycle is completed during the products lifespan. Sort of Coal carefully follows ancient Japanese traditions in the charcoals’ manufacture, keeping alive centuries-old crafts and helping to maintain a fragile ecosystem - another way that making and using White Charcoal does good.

Hakutan installation a natural Air purifier

Kishu Binchotan a natural Water purifier

Shiro soap made out of Char essence a by-product of White Charcoal