Come and Draw12/11/2011

We are very excited to be the only retailer in UK to offer this amazing design children table which has been acclaimed by many glossy magazine and design blogs like Milk (French Magazine) and SwissMiss (US design blog). Come and Draw, as the name suggests, is an invitation to creativity.



The tabletop is covered by 300 layers of paper which can be spinned around for extra fun and share. Each layer of paper will  become soon a sort of storage of your child drawings as well as of your sketches and messages. Come and Draw is handmade in Sweden using local untreated wood and eco friendly paint. The young designer behind Come and Draw is the extraordinary Tian Tiang. Originally from China, she lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she graduated early this year in Child Culture Design, a master specialisation, the only one of its kind in the world, to focus on design from a child`s point of view. 

From the same designer, the Come and Draw clock, is perfect for any kid`s bedroom. Tian Tiang does not like waste. Using the leftover from the production of the Come and Draw Table, she creates this lovely clock which works on batteries. Tactile and colorful, it invites you to draw and personalise.