Cardboard Furniture for a Concept Store04/10/2013

If ever you needed proof that contemporary cardboard furniture can look cool, edgy and aesthetically impactful in retail environments, then make a trip to Verger – a concept store located in Italy’s fashion capital, Milan.

More light modular cardboard shelving

The minimal interior rich in natural light and decorated in cosy woody hues, welcome locals with traditional Italian cuisine while at the same time, quite literally, browsing through the latest season’s fashion lines. Verger, a restaurant-cum-bar-cum-designer boutique, offers a refreshingly differentretail space. From a design perspective, the experience is genuinely unifying. Verger’s vast open planinterior facilitates and indeed invites its inhabitants to come and go freely between the store’s varying areas.

More light Cardboard Shelving

This natural physical flow of spatial energy has been achieved by the store’s use of cardboard modular shelving throughout. Designed by Italian Architect Giorgio Caporaso, this innovative piece of honeycombed cardboard furniture not only displays the store’s statement fashion pieces effectively but works as a space divider too. Its backless composition enables the spectator to stillsee freely across a larger space, helping to maintain the area’s flow of natural light.

Caporaso’s ‘More Light’ cardboard modular shelving system works beautifully in Verger’s retail space because it harmonises with the interior’s use of wood, adding visual richness through texture.

The ‘skin’ of the modular shelves itself are also interchangeable, so the overall look can be switched according to seasons, trends and complementary colour palettes – ideal for the ever-changing retail space – while structurally, each simple modular cube can be built up and arranged to create individual, complex and visually striking structures upon which to showcase merchandise.

Caporaso’s ‘More Light’ exemplifies cardboard furniture design at its most versatile and best. Strong, light and completely recyclable, it is just one of a selection of many stylish contemporary cardboard furnishings available at E-Side for the commercial and retail space.