Cardboard Chairs & Lighting for Huckletree02/06/2014

E-Side is proud to have supplied some gorgeous eco design pieces to Huckletree, a new co-working space in Clerkenwell, the first SKA-certified in UK. 

Huckletree office space, which opened its doors last month (April 2014) in Clerkenwell London (UK) is purported to be the only commercial place, thus far, to be SKA-certified; that is the official benchmark for ‘good practice’ measures within the built environment. Outfits must satisfactorily demonstrate efficiency in design – from low emissions, waste and water usage to the promotion of physical well-being through eco materials and intelligent design in order to qualify for this strict accreditation.

The opening of Huckletree in the bustling heart of London’s ‘Tech City’ signifies a new era for workspaces that puts eco, sustainability and workers’ well-being at its heart. 

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Moon Scraplight by Graypants

MOON Cardboard Scraplight by Graypants -To Buy Here 

Drum Scraplight by Graypants

DRUM Scraplight by Graypants To Buy Here

Less Chair by Giorgio Caporaso for Lessmore

LESS CHAIRS Cardboard and MDF Laquered chairs To Buy Here