An inspirational voyage with your children04/03/2011

When you are travelling with children by car or by plane, you always need to find new ways to entertain them. Here comes in hands two new fantastic products to take with you.


Smiling Planet cover book

“Everyone dreams of peace” is an amazing 64 pages colouring book by Smiling Planet, which will bring you and your child in a world of dreams, peace, love, diversity. A world inhabited by mermaids, elephants bringing you flowers, crocodiles doing yoga, flying fairies, dancing dragons. This colouring book is a little different. You can colour it. You can draw in it. You can read it. When you feel bad, you can colour your way to better. When you feel mean, you can draw your way to nice. Some people call that emotional intelligence - we just call it fun. Read. Colour. Draw. Dream...and Smile.

Retail price £ 18.00



This little Kitchen Paper bag toypaper bag reveals a secret. You open it and …surprise! A kitchen interior and two paper characters to play with. Simple and clever to occupy your child when travelling, at a restaurant. Made in France and printed on recycled paper, the Paper Bag Toy comes flat pack and it is very light. The perfect toy to add to your luggage.

Retail price £ 4.90