Valentina Albaek15/10/2014

Valentina Albaek is founder and creative director of Fabulous Goose, the Scandinavian label that creates beautiful duckling-soft blankets, throws and cushions with unusual and vibrant patterns and designs inspired by fairytales, fashion and culture.

What is your studio like?

A mess.

Where does your inspiration come from and what or who influences your work?

Intuition. I know when I see it, and that the result is right. It should be ‘different’, with attitude.

What made you decide to set up Fabulous Goose?

A wish that the process of finding good quality (and therefore ‘safe’) products for ourselves and for our families was easier. To have the reassurance that we are making good choices in our purchases without having to read the consumer watch reports about dangerous substances. That it should go without saying that products are clean and produced fairly and responsibly. This was the kind of thing that inspired me to set up Fabulous Goose in the first place.

For me, I don’t understand the rationale behind manufacturing products that have harmful ingredients in its makeup. But then, it really is down to producers to use things like food-approved colorants over cheaper ones if they want to make their products completely safe for the consumer.

I personally spend lots of time researching, talking and visiting local suppliers and their productcion facilities. I know all about their processes and what materials they are using, so it`s a conscious choice for me to work in this way.

Landscape Organic Bed Throw Blanket

Pictured above: NEW Landscape Organic Bed Throw Blanket in Red

What makes you get up in the morning?

Business is an intellectual game. I find it very entertaining to build a company. It keeps me curious, it challenges me. I don’t get bored. But the main reward comes from when I hear back from our happy customers. I feel a genuine sense of honour and gratitude whenever a parent has trusted me and Fabulous Goose brand enough to purchase a blanket from our range for her baby. As a producer, I feel pride in the quality of the products we deliver and have a clear conscience knowing that these are safe for even the littlest member of the family.

What is your favourite piece of design?

Danish furniture and lightening icons. I love the minimalism, simplicity and cleanness of lines.

Pictured above: Valentina favorite`s piece of lighting: the PH ARTICHOKE by POUL HENNINGSEN 


What are you working on right now?

A new pattern design called “A Wannabe Dog” – based around the idea of a dog that dreams to be ‘something’ else

When did you realise you wanted to work on creating textiles and soft furnishings?

It just happened.

What do you feel is the best part of your job?

Dealing with our customers. I really enjoy it.

What is your home like? Is it filled with your creations?

It’s not completely filled with our creations, but we do use the blankets. I always test our products within our own home environment, but we’re keeping the blankets now because we enjoy them so much – it’s so soft and warm.