Maria Fiter and Marco Migliorisi are the design talent behind Spanish studio Crea-Re, noted for creating stunning, contemporary lighting for the modern living space made from recycled paper.

What is your studio like?

I share the studio with other designers and craftsmen, including jewellers, a knife maker and photographers. It’s one big space for creativity and a very collaborative environment. I like being here because we help and support each other, and in fact I’ve found some good solutions to problems I’ve encountered while creating our lamps. It’s fun working with nice companions too.

Where does your inspiration come from and what or who influences your work?

Inspiration comes unexpectedly and momentarily, because it is always in my head. I try to have my sketchbook with me to capture the new ideas. I just love the paintings of Dubuffet, Tapies and especially the pictures of Polish artist Grupa Nowohucka – the structure of their works are very porous, rough and sculptural. My inspiration comes mainly from nature and art. For instance, the impulse to create the series of lamps called Copernicus came from the shapes of the planets of the Solar System like Luna, Jupiter, Pluto and Globe.

What made you decide to set up Crea-re?

After I finished my Art History studies I tried many different things in my life (from working at the bar, being a carousel operator, working at the casino, organizing exhibitions, being an art curator and a clerk) in many different places (Poland, UK, Italy, Spain). For a long while, I didn’t know what I really wanted to do with my life. It is a BIG and difficult question – for every one of us. But from the earliest period of my life, I liked to draw and to project things: be it a bag, a wallet, a skirt, a bracelet - and this passion has always been present in my life. It was a kind of therapy for me when I was working for a few years in a really boring office. When I got an EU grant for young entrepreneurs - I quit that job and went to the Canary Islands to practice woodworking in a carpenter’s workshop. That was when I decided to setup Crea-re.

What makes you get up in the morning?

A noisy alarm clock! And a feeling that I am doing something I love.

Are there any designers you admire?

I like the brothers Fernando and Humberto de Campana – Brazilian designers that make furniture out of waste products.

What is your favourite piece of design?

An Arne Jacobsen chair the Swam and the Egg. I love the organic forms of his designs.

What are you working on right now?

A new series of lamps from wood and paper mache including wall and floor lamps.

When did you realise you wanted to work with recycled and unwanted materials?

When I found out that projecting objects from waste materials can be very creative and fun, and this is the thing that really makes me happy.

What is the most challenging thing you have ever made?

I learnt how to work with carpenter’s machines like saws, lathes etc. These are tools that I have always found scary to work with!

What do you feel is the best part of your job?

When I finish a lamp I just projected and then see that everything works fine and the result is just like I wanted. It makes me feel very satisfied and happy.

What is your home like? Is it filled with your creations?

I don’t have a home J. I change flats often and I have very few things, but yes – it is always filled with my lamps – I need to check them, right?

What’s next for Crea-re?

I will participate in Fuorisalone in Milano this April and will exhibit my lamps. Marco is working on the prototypes for the new series of upcycled bags for musical instruments. We want to promote them next year at the Frankfurt Fair for musical instruments.

Crea-re’s rustic paper pulp lamps crafted from old newspapers and leftover wood sourced from carpenters’ workshops is available to buy here at E-Side. View the range.