Our Green Side

We try to be as environmentally friendly as we can. As a new business there is still plenty of room for improvements. Here what we have done:

We re-use boxes and envelopes where possible and we always ensure that your order is properly wrapped and protected.

Some of our boxes and packaging material have been sourced through our local freegle group. In doing so we have kept reusable stuff out of our landfill sites http://www.ilovefreegle.org

When buying one of the following wooden product: One C, Half C, Blockshelf, Leaf Lamp, our fantastic friends from Green Furniture Sweden will plant one furniture-quality birch in the vicinity of their local production site in northern Skåne. To know more about the Green Furniture Plantation, you are welcome to visit http://greenfurniture.se/skogen/

When buying one of our very fashionista wooden watches, WeWood plants a tree with American Forests.

Some of our amazing products come from overseas. We always try to buy in bulk in order to reduce the number of shipments. We are looking as well for a way to carbon offsetting. This is still a work in progress. Any tips and suggestions, let us know.

If we do not find a creative way to use our waste, we recycle. Cardboard, paper, plastic and glass are all sent for recycling. 

We are a paper-free company. This means all our documents are kept on a digital format and we ask our suppliers to do the same to reduce the use of paper.

We encourage work from home and we car share when possible

At the office we drink tap water

Our web page has been developed by Leap Media, which we think it’s more than a creative agency. All the team is very much involved in environmental issues and they can definitely help you move toward a greener practice, because “80% of environmental impact is decided at the design stage”. Thank you Matt, Kieran, Graham and Lee!